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"GINSENG TEA" is a new tea grown in Hi-zen.

GINSENG TEA” is a new tea grown in Hizen. GINSENG TEA was created as a result of a collaboration between Shunichi Matsuo, a talented young tea master, and Maruwakaya, a brand that looks into Japanese traditional culture and brings together numerous artisans. In Japan, there is a saying: “People are born from the soil, they are the children of soil.” In growing great food products, people think about taking care of the soil first, and start by creating the soil. We got to know the amazing effects and benefits of Ginseng Tea ingredients, and packed all of that into 1 tea leaf. That tea is GINSENG TEA. It started with us wanting to share this tea leaf with the important people close to us, and now we want to share it with many more people. We value the taste of the region, in other words, the power of nature, in the GINSENG TEA tea leaf. We only use natural farming methods in our tea farm and during processing. As a result of our pursuit for the best tea, we developed our own production method. The new tea, developed in this way, has robust natural flavors, which will remind you of the fact that teas started as medicine (herbal medicine). GINSENG TEA was created from our passion for a healthy lifestyle and nature-loving culture.